Our Team

PSC Fabricating’s facilities are strategically located throughout the Midwest and Southeastern United States along with our new facility in Nanjing, China.

We can service customers in a timely manner with quality products at a competitive price. Our locations maintain a safety stock of raw materials to reduce customer order lead times. We warehouse locally to reduce shipping costs to customers.

Building1 Building2 Building3
Corporate Office
PSC Industires, Inc.
1100 West Market Street
Louisville, KY 40203
Phone: 502.625.7700
Fax: 502.625.7824
Home Office
3001 West Kentucky St.
PO Box #11519
Louisville, KY 40211
Contact: Dave Conger
Phone: 502.772.4238
Fax: 502.772.4241
Email: davec@pscofky.com
745 South 15th Street
Louisville, KY 40210
Plant Phone:502.625.7850
Sales Manager: Gary Young
Phone: 502.727.2551
Fax: 502.772.4210
Email: gyoung@pscofky.com
Building4 Building 5 Building6
3001 West Kentucky Street
Louisville, KY 40211
Plant Phone: 502.772.4251
Fax: 502.772.4241
Sales Contact: Keith Miles
Phone: 502.772.4267
Email: keithm@pscofky.com
900 East Viriginia Street
Evansville, IN 47711
Plant Phone: 812.425.9071
Fax: 812.425.1164
Sales Contact: Mike Fiedler
Phone: 812.204.2717
Email: michaelf@pscofky.com
3990 Ayers Road
PO Box #180068
Fort Smith, AR 72908-0068
Plant Phone:479.649.0650
Fax: 479.649.0652
Sales Contact:
Tommy Denham
Email: tommyd@pscofky.com
Building 7 Building 8 Building 9
7189-A Merchant Avenue
El Paso, TX 79915
Plant Phone: 915.783.0900
Fax: 915.783.0905
Sales Contact:
Manny Delgado
Phone: 915.867.3260
Email: mannyd@pscofky.com
2101 Oakland Parkway
PO Box #542
Columbia, TN 38401
Plant Phone: 931.381.1612
Fax: 931.381.6207
Sales Contact:
David Johnson
Phone: 615.790.6485
Fax: 615.791.4522
Email: davej@pscofky.com
2518 57th Street
Muscatine, IA 52761
Phone: 563.262.9388
Fax: 563.262.9363
Sales Contact:
Bonnie Cadwell
Email: bonniec@pscofky.com
nanjing     Mexico
299 Kai Yuan Road
Jiagning, Nanjing 211100
Tel: 011-86-25-57928777
Fax: 011-86-25-57928788
Sales Contact:
Gary Young
Phone: 502.727.2551
Fax: 502.772.4210
Email: gyoung@pscofky.com
Ave. Manhattan 201-1
Entre Blvd. World Trade Center
y Wall Street
Col. Parque Industrial Oradel
CP 880000  Nuevo Laredo,
Tamaulipas, Mexico
Sales Contact: Manuel Rodriguez